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Welcome to ‘Maof Dvora’ – website design & setup!

‘Maof Dvora’ is the name I chose for my company, when I stepped out on my path to freedom, to a self-defined, self-employed life, after many years of working at plants as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

Why ‘Maof Dvora’? Well, ‘maof’ means flight, flying in Hebrew, so that is pretty self expanatory. As to Dvora, there are several reasons.

First, Dvora is my Jewish name. What is a Jewish name? Well, in many places in Russia, USSR and the Russian Empire before that, Jewish children were given two names: one – a neutral, generally accepted anywhere, as my name is Vera. It’s what gets recorded in the IDs, birth certificates and passports. A name for the authorities, for the Russians, one which doesn’t scream “here’s a Jew”. The other, Jewish, name – that one is not officialy recorded, yet commonly known among those who need to know. So my Jewish name is Dvora (stress on the second syllable).


Second, the biblical prophet Dvora was a very strong, independent and brave woman. My mother, blessed be her memory, has known the story and admired her, so when I was born, there was the thought of the prophet Dvora in the naming.

And last, dvora in Hebrew means a bee, and this is a symbol for tireless work, but sweet at the same time. Not some hard, thankless job, but work dine with love. And this was the aspect I wanted to introduce into my life: that the work I do, however much of it, shall always be a pleasure, sweet as honey, and done in love, so as not to be work at all!

So, welcome to ‘Maof Dvora’!

This website is dedicated to the part of my work which is website design and development and graphic design, which is something I love doing, brings me a lot of pleasure and which I do with love. It is not my primary profession, and I have come to it, one may say, by chance. But a lot of water has passed in the rivers of my life since, and I have created, maintained, upgraded quite a number of websites on various platforms. I even teach at the alternative school I have created, with a group of other parents, “Siach”, I teach some of older kids how to manage blogs .

There are exampes of various types of websites which I have designed and/or created, upgraded, moved to a different platform (which is like createing a new website), be they personal or professional blogs; small and about a single topic or wide content management systems; commenrical or community-oriented; networks…

When working with a customer, I always strive to create and maintain a personal close communication with the site owner, to understand the deep down energy they wish to convey both via the design and the content. It is of utmost importance to me that the feeling of the website is comfortable and free – or dynamic and gushing, just as the customer envisions it. I don’t pretend to know it all, but I strive to find the best solution for whatever is required and I do not know, which will gsatisfy in the optimal manner the customer’s wishes, out of understanding both the reason for the request and the end goal, as well as the feeling going with it. I believe there are no insurmountable obstacles, and there is always a way to satisfy a demand, if one listens enough and truly understand what it is the customer wants.

My goal is to ensure the site owners will be able to maintain their sites afterwards, with minimum need for my assistance. That is, not because I do not wish to assist them, for I am always here to support them. But because I want them to avoid that uncomfortable feeling you’re all, probably, familiar with: “Damn, I don’t know how to do this, again, and will have to bother someone and ask for their help…” Even though supporting my customers isn’t in the least a bother to me, more often than not this is how people feel, when they find themselves helpless at their computers, some even feel like they are “stupid” when failing to operate some functions, and clearly it isn’t something we like to admit to others… So I would like to spare you the helpless, inadequate feeling.

Thus, my goals in working on your website design are simplicity in use, satisfying all requests, if possible, and reflecting the atmosphere the website is supposed to produce.

Do you think this might be right for you? Do you need to create, refresh, upgrade, maintain a website for your business, family, hobby, community… whatever the need or the entity? Contact me, and I shall be happy to help.

You may browse the pages and posts of this website to see work I have done. When I finish another site, I shall post it here as well. This site’s design and content has also been done by me, © Maof Dvora.

This post is also available in: Hebrew

`Maof Dvora` offers

  • Creating a website

    If you don`t yet have a web presence, you should think about creating a website. The site shall present your service, your work, your face to potential customers. It is also a way to combine all possible media for communicating with your customers, both existing and potential.

  • Wordpress platform

    Wordpress is simple to operate, and everyone can learn to easily manage their site. It is modular, allowing to combine the different elements and functions you may wish to have on your site, customized to most closely suit your unique needs and preferences. You`ll learn to operate it on your own, without constant dependence on me or feeling helpless.

  • Design, translation and customization

    If you have an existing design – we may use it, if not – we shall design from scratch, together, according to the atmosphere, feeling and style you would choose your website to express. The theme shall be customized and translated in exactly the required manner. The site may also be multilingual or a network.

  • Maintenance & support

    The general goal is for you to simply and easily maintain your own website. This said, a support package may be made for ongoing maintenance, including uploading new content and sharing via available media. In any way, `Maof Dvora` continues to support the customers after project completion. You shall not be left to survive on your own.

To see whether I may help you create or upgrade your unique web presence -

Contact me

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